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Send your taste buds on a Cajun-hot ride unlike any other. Our Swamp Seeds products evoke the spicy flavors of Louisiana. Whether you choose the original favorite that started the craze, or opt to savor our newest sensation Swamp Nuts®, we have what you need to satisfy your spicy craving. Getcha some!

Cajun Swamp Seeds® – Cajun boil flavored roasted sunflower seeds. In shell. (3.5 oz) 10 pack

Feast on the one that started it all. Our Cajun Swamp Seeds is a concoction of sunflower seeds infused with crawfish boil seasoning. Roasted, salted and bathed in authentic southern spices, our in-shell snack promises to live up to the hype – and then some. For an authentic Cajun snack, think Swamp Seeds.

Swamp Seeds Kernel - Cajun boil flavored roasted sunflower seeds (2.5 oz) 10 pack

It's the original Swamp Seeds experience.... without the hassle of spitting out the shell! We’ve taken the crawfish-flavored sunflower seeds you already know and love and stripped them off their shells for an easier eat. Sprinkle it on a salad for a nice kick, or enjoy it as a nutritious snack – exactly as it was meant to be!

Swamp Nuts® - Cajun boil flavored roasted corn nuts (4.0 oz) 10 pack

Brace yourself for a corn-y taste of the South. We've paired crunchy corn nuts with a Cajun boiled crawfish flavor for a spicy, super-satisfying finish! Swamp Nuts are fun to eat anytime, anywhere. With a snack that tastes like corn out of a crawfish pot, we won't judge you if you decide not to share 'em!

Swamp Seeds® - Cajun gumbo flavored roasted sunflower seeds. (3.5 oz) 10 pack

Try our latest new Swamp Seeds® product! It is a Cajun GUMBO flavored roasted sunflower seeds 3.5 oz in the shell. Yes it really taste like GUMBO. Not as spicey as our Cajun Boil Flavor but just as flavorable and addicting!