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Here's what some people
have to say about Swamp Seeds

"Okay My kid is back home from working disaster relief with Americorp in Louisiana. While she was there she found your sunflower seeds. Well I need your cajun boil seeds here in San Diego California Please let me know if there is anywhere in San Diego County I can buy them Or any way to order them cuz i'm hooked and the other brands don't hold a candle to your swamp seeds !"
~ Anonymous

"I love them and everyone that has tried them will love 'em too!"
~ Melissa Jones Watts

"The best invented snack from a very wise man! These are addicting and we have them in the Lake Area!"
~ Jennifer Allen

"I've been a sunflower seed lover for years. I saw these at Pecan Grove Chevron in Gonzales and figured... What the heck I'll try them. Wow! This is my new favorite snack. Just the right flavor and the right amount of heat. Now to find them in LaPlace, Gramercy and Thibodaux. Awesome Seeds y'all, Get u sum!"
~ Mark Munson

"Just bought a bag and WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! They're so good!"
~ Lethy Shafer

" Just wanted to stop by and tell you guys how awesome swamp seeds are! I buy them on my way to work everyday. I am a pure cajun from the bayou of Cut Off, Louisiana and I certify dem' seeds!! Cannot wait for some shirts to hit the stores."
~ Anonymous